Our Story

At Pip Natural skincare we want to be like little seeds of kindness.

Kindness to you, your skin and to nature.

Our passion is in finding the best combination of botanical and vegetable oils to create gentle and effective skincare.

Every oil has its own unique qualities, for example;

Oat is very soothing and helps to lock in moisture. Rosehip is full of healing Omega 3 and is thought to be one of the best anti-aging oils for skin.

Mix these oils together and add others that compliment and balance, and the creative possibilities become very exciting. It should be possible to make the optimum oil blend to support most skin types and help them cope with all the environmental challenges we face every day.

You can’t beat the positive effects of good nutrition and drinking plenty of water but by using the best quality cold pressed or organic oils and avoiding the harsh chemicals found in so many commercial products, you are helping your skin to look its radiant and natural best.