Soap Dish


Bamboo or Hardwood soap dishes that preserve the life of your soaps.

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Sorry, but the Bamboo Soap dish is currently out of stock.
The Hardwood dish, top of the picture with the soap on it, is flat with drainage slits. It is made out of Hardwood off cuts by our lovely carpenter and treated with several coats of Tung oil. These are a very green choice.
The Bamboo soap dish is slightly concave and is the lower one in the picture. They are coated with lacquer so they won’t discolour.
By keeping your soap in a dish you will preserve the life of your bar…..oil rich soap that are left  sitting in water will try to return to their natural oil state, but stored on a dish, the soap will dry between uses and last much longer.

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Soap Dish

Bamboo, Hardwood