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A choice of cold pressed quality oils and butters, ideal for natural beauty and body Balms

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It is really fun making your own skincare. Balms are easy to make and full of all the natural goodness held within botanical and vegetable oils and butters.
You don’t need large quantities but its good to be able to choose from a varied selection so that you can combine the right oils for your skin type.
On this page you can read about the different qualities of each ingredient and choose several or just your favorite.
You don’t need a preservative because you don’t add water to a Balm recipe.
I have included a few recipe ideas at the bottom of the page, to get you started.

Sunflower seed oil
High in Omega 6, Vitamin E and Beta-carotene. Perfect base oil for all skin types including oily as it is a light, dry oil. It is also not too expensive.

Apricot Kernel oil
Great for sensitive skin and even gentle enough for babies. High in Omega 9 and 6.
Wonderful all rounder, absorbs well into your skin.

Rosehip seed oil
This is probably the best oil for all skin types. It is healing, anti-ageing, full of
Omega 3 and a natural precursor to Vitamin A. It is a very dry oil that sinks deeply into your skin, repairing and soothing as it goes. It has a shorter shelf life due to the high Omega 3 content, probably about 6 month and is best kept cool and away from direct sunlight. Good enough to use as your night oil just as it is.

Oat oil
A soft, nourishing and protecting oil. Great for skin and hair. Prevents moisture loss and ideal for dry sensitive skin and gentle enough for a baby balm.

Calendula oil
Calendula flowers have been infused in Sunflower oil to create a calming, soothing and repairing treatment oil. Wonderful in balms for irritated or damaged skin as its anti inflammatory and encourages skin to heal and regenerate. Combines well with Shea Butter.

Shea Butter
Good for moisturising, protecting, and nourishing. Helps prevent and diminish stretch marks especially when combined with vitamin E. Great skin and hair conditioner.

Cocoa Butter
A hard Butter that adds more body to a Balm. It softens skin and slows down water loss.

Coconut oil
Solid at room temperature but melts when applied to your skin. Excellent in balms or used on your hair or skin.

Aloe Butter
Pure Aloe Vera extracted into Coconut butter. Simply a lovely ingredient as it is or incorporate into a balm for smooth moisturising properties. Great after sun care and high in the cooling and the healing properties of Aloe.

Monoi de Tahiti.
Gardenia flowers extracted into coconut oil. Smells and feels amazing. A luxurious product used by Tahitian women to condition and moisturiser their skin and hair.

Vitamin E
A powerful antioxidant containing a mixture of alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherols in sunflower oil. It is essential in helping to repair scared and damaged skin and is an excellent antioxident. Use at 1% in a mixture of other oils, that is 1g in a 100g balm. It will increase the life of the other oils and add amazing skin benefits as well.

Balms work well using 75% solid oils or butters, and 25% liquid oils.

Easy Directions….Weigh your ingredients and clean your equipment including your containers. Wipe round with Vodka and a kitchen towel. Melt the solid oils in a bain marie or heat proof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. Remove from heat when melted, allow to cool without going solid again and then add your liquid oils and stir to mix them all together. Then pour into your clean containers with lids. They should last a few months and can be stored at room temperature.

Healing Body Balm 100g
25g Shea Butter
25g Cocoa Butter
25g Coconut butter
15g Calendula oil, 10g Apricot or Sunflower seed oil (this will make up your 25% liquid oils)

Beauty Balm 100g
50g Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter
25g Aloe Butter
15g/ml Rosehip seed oil
9g/ml Oat oil
1g Vitamin E

Simple Night oil 30ml
10g Rosehip seed oil
8g Sunflower seed oil
8g Apricot oil
4g Oat oil
2 drops of Vitamin E

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Oils and Butters

Aloe Butter 30g, Apricot oil 30ml, Calendula Oil 15ml, Cocoa Butter 50g, Coconut Oi l50g, Monoi De Tahiti 30g, Oat oil 15ml, Rosehip oil 15ml, Shea Butter 50g, Sunflower oil 30ml, Vitamin E 5g