Soothe & Calm Face Oil


For moisturising and protecting dry or sensitive skin. Also makes a wonderful oil cleanser.

Unscented with Oat, Rosehip and Cucumber seed oils.


Key Qualities;

It’s has been described as a “cushion of comfort”

Oat oil is an excellent emollient that soothes, softens and protects your skin. It promotes good moisture retention and the presence of beta glucans and natural tocopherols (vitamin E) increase hydration levels and boost the skin’s natural barrier. Beta Glucans are also believed to protect against irritation and environmental stressors and tests have shown that they are 20% more hydrating than Hyaluronic acid at the same concentration.

Camellia oil contains high levels of antioxidents and is effective at reducing free radical damage. It is an excellent moisturiser because it penetrates quickly and deeply into the skin, giving great hydration.

Cucumber seed oil is soft, smooth and delicate. It’s wonderful for sensitive skin and the presence of phytosterols help to strengthen the lipid barrier and improve elasticity.

Rosehip seed oil is very healing and anti-aging.

Evening Primrose oil contains GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) and is high in Omega 6. It is softening and revitalizing to the skin.

Directions as an Oil Cleanser

Using oils to cleanse might seem strange but it’s a remarkable way to clean without drying your skin. Like attracts like so oil cleansers remove unwanted oil and dirt from your face, leaving your skin feeling fresh and very soft. It’s probably not suitable for removing eye shadow or waterproof mascara but great for removing foundation.

For very dry or troubled skin, try massaging in a few drops and removing with a damp soft cloth or damp cotton wool and then pat dry. Or remove the oil gently with a damp Konjac sponge.

For a deeper cleanse on happier skin, add a few drops and then place over your face a damp, warm cloth. Leave this on for 20 seconds or so and then use the cloth to wipe away the oil and dirt. You can repeat this if necessary.

After cleansing add a couple more drops to moisturise and protect.

Great to use at night on its own, or in addition to your moisturiser.

If you don’t wear make up then apply before going out on cold or windy days.

Available in two sizes

20ml Bottle (17 g e) and 30 ml bottle (25 g e)   £12 and £16

camellia oleifere seed oil,
Avena Sativa kernel oil,*rosa canina fruit oil,
cucmis sativus seed oil, *oenothera biennis oil,
*simmondsia chinensis seed oil,
prunus armeniaca kernel oil,
helianthus annuus seed oil,
tocopherol, rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract

*Organically grown ingredients

For external use only avoid contact with eyes, mucus membranes and broken skin, store in a cool place

Sold in 20ml and 30ml glass bottles with pipettes.


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20ml bottle, 30ml bottle